2022 VW ID. Space Vizzion Wagon Coming to Denver, Colorado

2022 ID. Space Vizzion

2022 VW ID. Space Vizzion Electric MEB Wagon in Denver, CO

Another exciting addition has been announced for the upcoming lineup of Volkswagen electric vehicles.  The 2022 ID. Space Vizzion is a spacious wagon concept that will provide the features you expect from VW, with the impressive efficiency of the modular electric vehicle (MEB) platform.

2022 VW ID. Space Vizzion Wagon Interior


You can depend on this vehicle to provide efficient performance that won’t disappoint.  It is expected to be powered by an electric motor that will produce about 275 horsepower.  It should provide about a 300-mile estimated range.  There may also be an all-wheel drive (AWD) version with an additional electric motor to provide a total of 355 horsepower.


2022 VW ID. Space Vizzion Wagon rear hatch skateboardsOf course, this innovative wagon will feature an exciting variety of features.  You will be able to control many of them from the 15.6-inch touchscreen.  Staying updated on important information will be easy since much of it will be displayed on the windshield.  Enjoying your surroundings will also be easy, thanks to the panoramic glass roof.  It is expected to have one section that can slide and tilt to allow an open-air feel, too.  Even entering the vehicle will take an innovative new direction.  The concept vehicle includes touchpads on the doors to open them.


The all-new VW ID. Space Vizzion wagon, built on the innovative MEB platform, is currently a concept expected to be in production in 2022.  Emich VolkswagenColorado’s #1 VW Dealership, will provide information on our website when we are taking orders for this amazing electric wagon. If you would like more information on this incredible vehicle or to learn more about the MEB platform, please CONTACT US today and let one of our Volkswagen experts provide you with answers.

2022 VW ID. Space Vizzion Wagon MEB Platform