2025 Volkswagen ID.7

The Volkswagen ID.7 available soon at Emich, Volkswagen in Denver, Colorado. Best upcoming EV Sedan.
2025 Volkswagen ID.7
Engine Power: up to 282hp and 402 lb-ft of torque
Estimated Total Mileage Range: 386 miles (82kWh battery capacity)

The 2025 VW ID.7 has been indefinitely postponed for the North American Market.

This means that the vehicle will not be available this 2024 for the United States and we are awaiting future updates.


Get to Know the ID.7 

The all-new Volkswagen ID.7 electric sedan is highly anticipated to arrive in mid to late 2024 and is perfectly tailored for the modern driver in Denver. This sophisticated pure EV boasts a remarkable 386-mile EPA-estimated range, powered by an 82 kWh battery pack and a 150 kW (282 hp) electric motor—available in single or dual awd configuration. Charging will be rapid with 125 kW DC fast-charging capabilities, achieving 80% charge in as little as 40 minutes. Designed to adapt to Denver’s dynamic driving from mountains to city, the ID.7 features all-wheel drive, torque vectoring, and adaptive suspension for optimal handling and control. The spacious cabin comfortably seats five adults, while the 16.2 cu ft of cargo space accommodates all your Colorado adventures. It will be the best new EV near me in Denver in 2024.

The state-of-the-art infotainment system, features a 15-inch touchscreen, voice control, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and over-the-air updates. Drive confidently with advanced safety features like collision avoidance, lane assist, adaptive cruise control, and a rearview camera. The Volkswagen ID.7 will likely be eligible for federal and Colorado state EV incentives, making this cutting-edge sedan even more affordable. Embrace efficiency, performance, and style in the Mile High City with the ID.7, where innovation meets the great outdoors.

Volkswagen ID.7 Trims 

The 2025 VW ID.7 will be offered in two trims both available in RWD or 4Motion AWD, meaning you will have your choice between four vehicle options. Trim pricing is yet to be announced.

Pro S 4Motion AWD
Pro S Plus RWD
Pro S Plus 4Motion AWD

Every ID.7 model comes loaded with premium features as standard, beginning with striking 19-inch wheels, illuminated logos at both the front and rear, and mirrors that fold electronically on the exterior. The convenience of five-door KESSY® keyless entry with proximity-based unlocking, coupled with a hands-free tailgate that opens and closes effortlessly, makes for smooth entry and loading. The vehicle is offered in a palette of exterior colors such as Mythos Black, Glacier White, Moonstone Grey, Aquamarine Blue, and Kings Red.

On the interior, technology and luxury merge with a 15-inch screen for the infotainment system and an augmented reality display for the windshield, creating an advanced and interactive driving experience. The ambiance is further enhanced by mood lighting and a panoramic glass roof that features adjustable tinting for a deluxe atmosphere. Comfort for the driver and passengers is prioritized with features like a heated steering wheel, front seats that are heated and 12-way adjustable with added massage and memory functions, innovative air vents, and a three-zone Climatronic® automatic climate system. The interior is available in two color schemes: Galaxy, which combines black seating with white stitching against a dark backdrop, and Lunar, offering gray seats with contrasting stitches set against a lighter interior theme.

The Pro S Plus variants elevate the ID.7 journey by incorporating even more luxurious features. These superior models boast 20-inch wheels and come equipped with DCC® adaptive damping and enhanced steering for an unmatched driving experience. Occupants will be treated to our top-tier Climatronic seats that now offer an innovative heating and cooling system, alongside an enhanced massage feature for unparalleled comfort. For music lovers, the experience is enriched with a 700-watt harman/kardonTM audio system, featuring 14 speakers, which includes a dedicated speaker in the front center and a subwoofer in the trunk.



At launch, the ID.7 will be available with a single  with 282 horsepower that has a 0-60mph acceleration time of 5.0 seconds. The Volkswagen ID.7 delivers exhilarating performance with its 150 kW electric motor, offering instant torque and seamless acceleration. The all-wheel drive and adaptive suspension ensure dynamic handling. Combining efficiency with sporty flair, the ID.7’s torque vectoring and regenerative braking capabilities round out a responsive and engaging driving experience for the eco-conscious motorist.

Volkswagen has meticulously designed the ID.7 to excel in energy efficiency and extended range, making it an ideal choice for Denver drivers. The ID.7 boasts an efficient new drive system paired with high-energy-density battery cells, which contribute to its reduced energy consumption. Moreover, its aerodynamic body design minimizes air resistance, further enhancing its energy efficiency.

For Denver residents, the benefits extend beyond efficiency. The ID.7 offers an exceptionally quiet ride with minimal wind noise, akin to the refinement found in luxury cars. Simultaneously, it doesn’t compromise on dynamic performance. With the ability to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 6.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 112 mph, the ID.7 delivers an exciting driving experience while addressing the specific needs of Denver’s environmentally conscious drivers.

Interior Features 

Fans of the previously available VW Passat will find that the ID.7 is the electric iteration of the vehicle. The Volkswagen ID.7’s interior exudes a harmonious blend of minimalism and luxury, with high-quality materials enveloping the cabin. An uncluttered dashboard is dominated by a 5-inch floating touchscreen, seamlessly integrating the infotainment system and essential controls. The ID.7’s spaciousness is emphasized by its panoramic glass roof, inviting natural light to brighten the cabin. Ergonomically designed seats envelop passengers in comfort, while the ample legroom and headroom cater to a relaxing ride. Ambient lighting and customizable digital instrument cluster further elevate the driving experience, truly encapsulating the essence of modern automotive design in the ID.7.

The ID.7 comes standard with a built-in augmented reality (AR) head-up display as a standard feature. It seamlessly projects pertinent journey-related information directly into the driver’s line of sight, eliminating the need to divert their attention from the road. Additionally, this cutting-edge AR head-up display replaces the conventional instrumentation with a significantly smaller footprint, creating a more streamlined cockpit layout. Positioned at the same level as the air vents, the ID.7 Cockpit display provides essential information like speed and warnings. The compact design of the ID. Cockpit ensures that the driver’s primary focus remains on the AR head-up display, allowing them to stay fully aware of road conditions and events.

If the function is enabled, the cooling or heating process begins as soon as the driver approaches the ID.7 with their key. The airflow can be customized to individual preferences within the interior by adjusting the corresponding settings on the central infotainment system display.

Just for the ID.7, Volkswagen has introduced innovative comfort seats for both the driver and front passenger. These seats offer a range of advanced features, including electric 12-way adjustment, a memory function, convenient entry function, and adjustable thigh support. Additionally, these seats incorporate a novel pressure point massage function. In the highest-tier models, you can expect to find premium seats equipped with an enhanced Climatronic® automatic air conditioning function and an upgraded massage feature.

Safety Features  

The Volkswagen ID.7 prioritizes safety with an impressive suite of advanced features. Key highlights include collision avoidance with autonomous emergency braking, lane assist to prevent unintended drifting, and adaptive cruise control for effortless highway driving. A rearview camera and parking sensors ensure effortless maneuvering, while LED Matrix headlights optimize visibility. In the ID.7, Volkswagen demonstrates its commitment to safeguarding passengers in a sophisticated, technology-driven package.

The ID.7 will debut with state-of-the-art assistance systems, including a brand-new range of park assist features. Standard offerings include Park Assist Plus and a memory function for Park Assist. Park Assist Plus, a system already recognized in other Volkswagen models, provides drivers with assistance when maneuvering into or out of parking spaces. It takes control of acceleration, braking, and steering during these parking maneuvers. Additionally, the ID.7 is equipped with the memory function for Park Assist, designed specifically for parking on private property and not intended for use on public roads. This innovative function continuously records the last approximately 54 yards of a journey, capturing the parking situation for future reference and convenience.

Stay Updated on the arrival of the Volkswagen ID.7 at Emich VW

If you want to have the latest information on the Volkswagen ID.7 as it becomes available in 2024, make Emich VW your go-to destination in Colorado. Visit our Denver dealership today and have one of our sales team members provide you with the details we currently have to share. We are excited to see all the innovations that this newest all-electric vehicle will offer Colorado drivers.  

(Photo Credit: Volkswagen)