Safety Features to Look For When Buying a New Car

July 3rd, 2019 by

VW blind spot monitor

Cars today are smarter than ever, and while many of the tools are there to keep you on course and entertained, just as many are there to keep you safe. Here are five of the best safety features to look for when you’re buying a new car.

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Backup Camera

Backup cameras are must-haves in new cars these days, especially for backing out of tight spaces in busy Littleton area parking lots. Fortunately, practically every new VW vehicle in every trim level offers one standard, so you never have to worry about getting out safely.

Rear Cross-Traffic Warning

Rear cross-traffic warning systems go a step beyond the backup camera. While the backup camera just shows you on your in-dash screen whether anything (or anyone) is directly behind your car, a rear cross-traffic warning system will tell you if anything is soon to cross into your car’s path before you back out.

Lane-Keeping Assist

There are two types of lane-keeping systems in use today: Passive warning systems that will signal whether you’re drifting out of your current lane and active lane-keep assist mechanisms that will automatically steer your vehicle back into line if you start to drift.

Automatic Braking

You might be the best driver in the world, but your reaction time will not be as fast as a computer’s. That’s why the digital brain inside many new Volkswagen models offer automatic pre-collision braking. If the car detects that it’s hurtling towards a person, obstacle, or vehicle, the brakes will automatically begin to be applied. That won’t completely prevent every accident, but it’ll get you a head start on slowing your car, and could mitigate the damage and danger if a crash is unavoidable.

Blind-Spot Monitoring

Cars have blind spots: Even if you’ve got the best-engineered car with your mirrors in the ideal position, there will inevitably be a couple slices of the road (usually over each shoulder) that you can’t see clearly. Where instinct used to be your only defense here, there’s now blind-spot monitoring systems. These will issue a subtle alert when a vehicle is entering the space just off the back corner of your car, which comes in handy when driving around the multi-lane highways around Denver.

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