Equip Winter Tires for Better Snow Handling in Colorado

November 1st, 2021 by

Choosing the Right Tires

The Importance of Having the Right Tires

When you are cruising around Colorado in your Volkswagen, how often do you think about your tires? An important part of your vehicle, your tires are the key to safe and effortless driving while encountering any road conditions. Thhis is especially noticeable in winter when the roads start to become covered in thick snow in Colorado. Emich Volkswagen in Denver, CO would like to quickly inform you about why you should consider exchanging your tires for specialized winter versions once we start seeing the snow falling.

All-Weather vs Winter Tires & How They Affect Your Handling

When you shop for tires most times of the year, you get the benefits that come along with all-weather tires such as cost savings and a quieter ride. The tread in these tires is sufficient enough to handle clear roads and slightly slippery roads easily by keeping grip at an optimal level. When snow starts to blanket the roads, snow tires are the go-to option because of their special design to counter those conditions. The construction of the tire is different, with a softer rubber being used to help cling to the road better. The tread depth and pattern are also different than an all-season tire, with the design being used to better keep more contact with the driving surface. Having a set of winter tires ready for your Volkswagen will make your wintertime cruising much safer.

Shop For Snow Tires at Emich Volkswagen

Winter will be here before you know it. If you are starting to get your vehicle prepped for colder weather driving, consider stopping by Emich VW in Denver and asking about equipping winter tires. The benefits you will see when you exchange your all-weather tires for winterized ones are significant once you start navigating snow-covered Colorado roadways. Let us help you stay safe this winter with a great set of winterized tires.