Get Your Vehicle a Free Multi-Point Inspection at Emich VW in Denver, CO

June 22nd, 2020 by

Volkswagen Vehicle Inspection

Keeping your vehicle in excellent operating condition is essential year round.  During the hot summer months, your vehicle has to deal with the extra stress of working efficiently at high temperatures.  This can mean issues if your vehicle is not well-maintained and regularly inspected.  Emich Volkswagen in Denver is here to take care of your vehicle inspection for you!

Let our Emich VW Service Center expert technicians perform a multi-point inspection on your Volkswagen car, crossover, or SUV at no charge!  There are so many areas we will diligently inspect so you can have peace-of-mind regarding your vehicle’s condition.  Inspection will include engine drive belts and hoses, exterior lights, battery terminal and cables, shocks and struts, exhaust system, CV boots and joints, tire wear and tread, wiper blades and more!  We will also check fluid levels for a variety of fluids.  The technician will alert you to any potential issues so you can attend to whatever needs to be maintained or repaired.  If you choose to have Emich VW’s Service Center perform your vehicle’s maintenance or repair, rest assured you can count on us to use OEM Volkswagen parts made specifically for your VW model and backed by a 12-month / 12,000-mile warranty.

Trust the experts at Emich VW for all your vehicle care needs.  From inspection to repair, we have the knowledge, tools, and desire to efficiently and effectively service your Volkswagen.   Schedule an appointment today!