How to Drive Safely in a Storm

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How to Drive Safely in a Storm Near Aurora

When lightning strikes, it is recommended that you avoid driving until the storm passes through. Decreased visibility and other weather hazards such as hail, wind, and flash floods make navigating the roads that much more dangerous in a thunderstorm or tornado.

Waiting with your car in park and the emergency brake engaged is the preferred strategy during storms. However, in the event driving is unavoidable, Emich Volkswagen is here to provide some tips and tricks for keeping you safe while on the road.

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Safety Tips for Driving in a Thunderstorm

Regardless of where you are driving, staying safe while driving in stormy weather can be challenging. Review the following suggestions for weathering a thunderstorm.

  • Keep yourself enclosed in your vehicle while the storm passes. Doors and windows should be shut to ensure your safety in the event of lightning.
  • Decrease your speed and keep an eye out for puddles and other hazards that can affect your position on the roadway.
  • Turn your headlights on. With decreased visibility during a storm, it is important to turn on your lights.
  • Don’t tailgate. Maintaining the appropriate amount of space between your car and the vehicle in front of you is always important — even more so in bad weather.
  • Make yourself aware of local hazard light laws. States like Florida and Massachusetts prohibit the use of hazard lights while driving, as they have the potential to cause more confusion if other drivers think your car is braking, turning, or stopped on the roadway.
  • Avoid bridges. During a storm, bridges are more likely to collapse, so wait to cross until the storm passes.

Staying Safe While Driving in a Tornado

As with thunderstorms, the American Safety Council recommends waiting until weather like a tornado has passed before driving. In the event a tornado should strike the Aurora area, take a look at our tips for staying safe.

  • Don’t attempt to outrun a tornado. While you may feel like your best bet is driving as fast as possible away from dark skies, doing so can make it that much easier for your car to be lifted and carried away. These types of storms are also unpredictable — able to switch directions at random — meaning you could be driving away from the tornado, only to see it move in an instant.
  • Pull over and seek shelter. If you see buildings nearby, enter one and find cover on the lowest level, preferably with no windows. If you can’t locate shelter, find the lowest ground possible, lie down, and cover your head with your hands. Make sure that your spot is away from trees and objects that could be picked up by the tornado.
  • Do not try to seek shelter beneath your car, bridges, or tunnels. Your car runs the risk of being blown away or crushing you should something fall on it. Bridges lack walls, providing no protection from wind, and tunnels run the risk of intensifying winds, working as a channel.

Drive Safe With Our Volkswagen Service Center Near Aurora

Make sure your vehicle is fully equipped before a storm hits. Schedule a visit with our Volkswagen service center near Aurora to ensure you will be ready for any weather that should strike.

If you have any questions or require more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at Emich Volkswagen today!

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