What Steps Should You Take if Your Vehicle’s Engine Starts to Overheat?

June 6th, 2022 by

What to Do if Your Volkswagen Engine Overheats in the Denver Metro Region

Overheating Engine & Determining What to Do

During any leisurely cruise around Denver or the rest of Colorado, you may notice warning signs that your engine might be starting to overheat. Especially if you notice an oddly sweet smell coming from the hood of your vehicle, as this could mean coolant is leaking from the system. Seeing steam coming from the hood is another telltale sign that your engine is beginning to overheat. Emich Volkswagen in Denver, CO, would like to share with you tips about what you should do if you notice that your VW’s engine is showing warning signs. If you notice these things, make sure you contact Emich VW and let our service technicians assist you as soon as possible. 

What Should I Do if My Engine is Overheating? 

Divert Heat from the Engine – If you notice any signs that your engine is overheating, you should immediately pull over where it’s safe. Until you can find a suitable location, it is advised to stop running your air conditioning and instead pump up your vehicle’s heating to its maximum. Doing so will aid in getting some of the heat from the engine away and help it cool down faster. Keeping the air conditioning running will only make the vehicle work harder and could make the situation worse.

Pull Over & Let the Engine Cool – After you have managed to find a safe place to park your vehicle, immediately shut the car off. Your first instinct might be to try and open the hood to diagnose the situation. However, we suggest waiting at least 15 minutes before doing so as this will give the engine and coolant suitable time to cool off, as there is a safety risk if the fluid sprays upward in that extreme heat. Being patient is the key to ensuring you will be safe when you go to check the engine.

Contact Towing Company / Repair Service – If your engine has started to overheat, there is certainly an underlying condition that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. This could even mean that the vehicle isn’t safe to operate in its current state. As such, contact the Emich VW Service Department in Denver at (877) 417-4265 immediately and report what your vehicle is doing. Follow our technicians’ advice to the best of your ability and then call a tow company to safely get your overheating Volkswagen to your emergency appointment. 

(Optional) Fill Up with Coolant – After fifteen minutes have passed, it should be safe to open the hood of your vehicle and check the engine. However, please use gloves as the hood itself will still likely be hot to the touch. If you keep coolant in your vehicle for emergency situations, refill your vehicle’s coolant system immediately. This could also allow you to buy enough time to operate your vehicle to the nearest service location if you don’t want to wait for a tow truck. 

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