Find a Perfect Volkswagen for Your Active Family at Emich VW in Denver, CO!

September 12th, 2022 by

2023 VW Atlas Cross Sport

Find a Volkswagen to Meet Your Active Family’s Needs

Active Colorado lifestyles demand a vehicle that can confidently undertake those adventures. At Emich Volkswagen in Denver, CO, we are happy to help you find a VW model that is capable of matching your adventurous spirit. Among the reliable and vibrant models that Volkswagen makes, there are several that truly excel in the outdoors. When you get behind the wheel of a Volkswagen that accentuates your travels across the state, you will find that the ride to your destination will be as exciting as the destination itself! 

Volkswagen Models for Your Adventurous Needs

Volkswagen Atlas – Starting with the flagship SUV from the brand, the Volkswagen Atlas is perfect for families who want a vehicle that meets their demanding expectations. The AWD system that is SUV comes equipped with makes traversing off-road driving surfaces effortless and ensures the ride inside the SUV is enjoyably smooth. Plenty of space not only caters to the comfort needs of the family, but you can carry plenty of cargo with you to make your camping trips even better with added amenities. 

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport – A slightly smaller SUV, the Atlas Cross Sport is designed to excel in the off-roading environment that you want to cater to. Not only does the Atlas Cross Sport offer the same AWD excellence as the Atlas, but the smaller frame makes the compact SUV even more maneuverable in tighter spaces such as forested areas. If you don’t have as many people to take with you on your adventures, this smaller SUV will be a fantastic option to consider in Colorado!

Volkswagen Golf R – The nimbleness of a hatchback combined with the exceptional handling proficiency of the 4MOTION AWD system is what makes the Volkswagen Golf R a vehicle perfect for active families. Drivers will appreciate the sportiness and responsiveness of the hatchback, while passengers will adore the smoothness of the ride as they travel to their preferred destinations. The hatchback is also well-equipped with plenty of space and amenities to accentuate the ride even further for premium enjoyment no matter where the Golf R is taken. 

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