Trust Emich Volkswagen with your Vehicle’s Autumn Maintenance and Service

October 4th, 2021 by


Volkswagen Care Maintenance Plans

Get Ready for Colder Weather at Emich VW

Emich Volkswagen in Denver, CO would like to help get your Volkswagen ready for the colder autumn and winter weather we are starting to experience. We are a trusted VW servicing location in the Denver Metro region thanks to our commitment to treating your vehicle like one of our own. With the specially-trained technicians and access to OEM parts that your vehicle deserves, we are confident your VW will function at peak performance and efficiency after its time with us. We also offer a complimentary multi-point inspection so that you know what can be worked on to better improve your vehicle’s longevity.

Emich VW Service is Top-Notch

Since our service technicians are specially trained to work on all Volkswagen models, choosing us over a conventional mechanic means getting a more experienced and thorough service appointment. We also strive to make getting your Volkswagen in with us as convenient as possible with our Service Department being open six days a week and offering extended hours to fit your schedule. While your vehicle is with us for a repair or fluid change, you can be confident it is receiving only the appropriate OEM parts and recommended fluids.

Schedule an Appointment Today with Emich Volkswagen

Emich VW makes scheduling a service appointment convenient for our customers. Stop by our Denver dealership or call our Service Department directly at (877) 417-4265 to speak with a technician about getting your vehicle in with us. Alternatively, use our online Appointment Scheduling form to get your Volkswagen the service it deserves without any hassle. After handling the heat of summer, it is time to make sure your vehicle is ready to tackle the colder weather and eventual snowfall that Colorado will see. Come see why Emich Volkswagen is a trusted VW dealer and service provider in the Denver Metro area.

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