Register for the October Emich Track Day Today

September 19th, 2022 by

Emich Track Day April 2022 Photo

October Emich Track Day is Fast Approaching

We now have less than a month until the second Emich Track Day of 2022 arrives. Emich Volkswagen in Denver, CO, and the rest of the Emich Automotive Group are looking forward to getting to spend all day seeing high-performance vehicles drive around the gorgeous High Plains Raceway in Byers, Colorado. If you haven’t reserved your spot for this event, your opportunity to do so is limited. As this is a private event, there will be no walk-ins allowed. If you want to take your favorite vehicle out for a day full of elite driving, make sure you register today!

Details About the October Emich Track Day

Date/Location/Time – Sunday, October 16th is when the second Emich Track Day of 2022 is scheduled. Held at the High Plains Raceway in Byers, CO, this track has been home to the Emich Track Day for years now. A fun mix of straightaways and turns makes this track a treat to drive around on. Gates will open at 7:30 am and registration will start at 8 am. The event will run until approximately 5 pm. 

Pricing – There are three different options you can choose when registering for the October Emich Track Day. You can purchase either a morning-only or afternoon-only session for $120. If you want to take part in every session, the full-day package is $160. Remember that these prices are for each driver, not each vehicle. So if multiple people plan on driving the same car, please make sure that each has paid their respective registration fee. 

Schedule / Information – Before each session, there is a mandatory driver’s meeting. If you don’t attend this meeting, you will not be allowed on the track. Those staying for the whole day only need to attend the morning meeting. There will be two groups on the road that drivers can choose to be a part of. The slower, beginner group is for those uncomfortable with the track and want to experience it. The advanced group is for confident drivers who want to have the most dynamic driving experience possible in their vehicle.