Make Your Everyday Trips Better with Volkswagen Car-Net

July 25th, 2022 by

VW Car-Net

Get Modernized Content with Volkswagen Car-Net

Volkswagen continues to push the limits of convenience and security in every modern vehicle it creates. With the expansive array of features found in the available Volkswagen Car-Net system, you will have immediate access to a variety of security and entertainment options that accentuate any daily trip around the Denver Metro region. Emich VW in Denver, CO, is proud to offer you new, quality Volkswagen vehicles that come equipped with this innovative system. If you are a fan of added technology in your daily ride, then a modern VW model is the perfect vehicle for you!

What Makes Car-Net So Innovative?

Integrated Wi-Fi Capability  Does your family like having reliable Internet access for their favorite mobile devices whenever they go on a trip? With Volkswagen Car-Net, you get to enjoy a subscription-based Wi-Fi hotspot to keep your family connected to the Internet all over Colorado! If you have an existing Verizon or T-Mobile plan, you can add the hotspot to it for convenience! Up to four compatible devices can be connected to the Car-Net system at any time. 

Remote Access- With Remote Access, you get to use various systems from outside your vehicle! If your Volkswagen is equipped with Remote Start, you can start your engine with your key fob! This is ideal for getting your vehicle warmed up during the winter months. If you use Alexa-based smart devices in your home, you can link Car-Net with the device to utilize voice commands! Convenience is a major reason why the Car-Net family of features make owning a new Volkswagen enjoyable!

Safety & Security – Family Guardian Alerts let you keep track of your vehicle’s location so that you can always know that family members are getting to their destinations safely. With Safe & Secure, a variety of systems work together to give you detailed information in a number of situations. These include Roadside Call Assist, Anti-Theft Alerts, Emergency Assistance, and a Stolen Vehicle Locator among others. Never worry about the status of your vehicle with Volkswagen Car-Net!