Volkswagen Lease Return Process

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VW lease return

The time has finally come, though maybe you were hoping it wouldn’t: Your Volkswagen lease is finally coming to an end. You’ve made a lot of memories with your VW, and it’s time to part ways. But don’t worry, you’ll soon be in another great new Volkswagen–or, if you really want, you can actually just stay in your current one.

Here’s what to know about the Volkswagen lease return process.

VW Lease End Options

At the end of your Volkswagen lease, you’ll have the option of turning in the car, if you want something newer or different, or purchasing your current one, if you’ve found true automotive love.

If you’re planning to purchase, contact Emich VW in advance so we can make those arrangements. As with any other used car purchase, you’ll be free to pursue Volkswagen financing to cover the remaining value of the vehicle.

If you’re going to swap out your VW for another, you’ll have to prep the car for return, thoroughly inspect its condition, and schedule an inspection with us as directed in your lease return packet, which you’ll receive about 90 days prior to lease expiration.

Inspecting your Volkswagen for Lease Return

In your lease return packet, you’ll receive a handy measuring tool. Scrapes, dents, cracks, and other damage over a particular size can all result in additional lease-end fines and fees, so this tool will help you determine what will need to be fixed prior to return in order to avoid those charges. The return packet will walk you through what to look for.

Additionally, you’ll want to inspect things like tire tread depth, interior damage, and mechanical condition to decide what you’ll have repaired beforehand. It’s important also to thoroughly clean your leased Volkswagen, both inside and out, before returning it.

Lease Your Next VW in Denver

If you’re moving on to a newer model, we invite you to also lease your next Volkswagen here at Emich VW. Check out our selection of great new VW vehicles that you have to choose from to start daydreaming about your next great car today, and contact us online if you have any questions about the lease return process.

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